Accreditation means both a process and a status. It is a process, in which educational quality of an institution or a programme is being appreciated. This proces is voluntary and represents non-governemental external rewiew of institution’s ability and capability to provide studying programmes at certain level of quality. As a result of a successful review the award of “accredited status” is granted.



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Benefits of Accreditation

The award of accreditation to IAABEP member educational programmes in economics, business, management and related disciplines demonstrates to professional academics and the public that the institution’s postgraduate programmes have achieved an internationally recognised level of quality, enabling students, employers and institutions to have confidence in the education provided.

Benefits of programme accreditation for the institution: network, support, motivation and guidance to deliver a dynamic, quality educational programme that meets student and market demands. It can also lead to an increase in demand for its courses.

For students, accreditation is a guarantee of a balanced quality programme that results in an award recognised by other institutions and employers. In addition, it makes it easier for students to transfer between international institutions, while taking away credits for courses taken.