Accreditation process

An IAABEP member may initiate the process of accrediting degree programs in economics, business, management, and related fields.

Accreditation is based on:

A self-assessment of the IAABEP member institution and its program(s);
  • an audit visit to monitor the institution and review the IAABEP member’s processes;
  • the IAABEP review visit report;
  • a rigorous follow-up process (IAABEP’s annual programme report).
Program accreditation typically includes stages 1, 2 and 3.
Accreditation process

Stage 1

The IAABEP member institution submits an application for accreditation to IAABEP along with initial documentation. After review, the IAABEP Director of Accreditation then decides whether to proceed immediately or later to Stage 2.

Accreditation process

Stage 2

The appropriate officials of the applicant organization conduct a review of the program’s self-evaluation based on IAABEP guidelines and submit a Self-Evaluation Report (SER) to the Chair of Evaluators. At this stage, the Chair of Evaluators will decide when it is appropriate for the applicant institution to proceed to the third and final stage.

Accreditation process

Stage 3

An external evaluation team, led by a Chair of the Evaluation Team (CoRT) appointed by the Chair of the Evaluators, will conduct an on-site visit to the requesting IAABEP member institution and conduct a critical review of the self-assessment. The CoRT is responsible for producing a report of the review visit with an assessment of compliance with each standard and overall compliance. Typically, within four weeks of the visit, the CoRT will send a draft report and ask the requesting institution to identify substantive errors within one week. The IAABEP visiting team reviews the institution’s responses and agrees on any changes that need to be made. A final report of the visit will be prepared by the team, and the CoRT will send a copy to the IAABEP Chair of Evaluators.

If the applicant still has comments on the final report, he/she may submit them to the IAABEP Board of Commissioners (or directly to the Chair of the Board of Commissioners).